Mariko Tabar is a Japanese-born artist who mainly works in oil on canvas.

Mariko's subject matters are often of nature, and architectural landscapes.

Mariko's focus is not to adhere to the visual photographic accuracy of the objects but rather to express them from an inspirational and interpretational point of view. Images expressed with forms, bright colors, and often with fine lines for definitions signify Mariko's interpretation.

Mariko's recent creations strongly connect her with her Japanese roots. Japanese are extremely detail oriented in every phases of life and style which lies at the root of many forms of art in Japan. Mariko has always been interested in art forms which involve details such as Ukiyo-e (Japanese wood print ), Kiri-e (cut paper art), and Cloisonne (enamelwork in which colored areas are separated by thin metal bands for definition). Mariko realized, ”perhaps my desire to express details with many of my works using defined lines may be rooted in my origin.”

Use of bright colors are vital and integral part of Mariko's work. Choice of colors are spontaneous. Mariko prefers bright colors which transform her compositions into powerful, energetic, and often therapeutic quality. Mariko was introduced to works of Henri Rousseau as a young child. Rousseau's use of colors, presentation and expression of subject matters made strong impact on her then and remains as her favorite artist to this day.

Mariko has had many well-received showings at galleries in Tokyo Japan, Santa Barbara, and Long Beach California. (please view Exhibit page)

Many of Mariko's original paintings and limited edition giclee have been in private collections in the US, Japan, and Europe.

Mariko retired in 2013 from over 20 years of teaching in private and public schools. Prior to her retirement, Mariko taught art for 14 years in public school in Santa Barbara where she received numerous teacher awards and community awards.

Mariko also conducted private art classes at home and in community centers for over 20 years. She held many student art shows.

Maiko holds BFA from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles and is a member of Santa Barbara Art Association.

Mariko is registered with Arts Council for Long Beach.

Mariko Tabar can be reached at :